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21 Weeks


How far along: 21 weeks and the size of a carrot – about 10.5 inches long and 12.7 ounces. 

Gender: It’s a GIRL!  It’s so funny, but the past week or two I was just feeling absolutely positive that it was a girl – there was no doubt in my mind.  I didn’t want to say that out loud in case I was wrong, but I would have been shocked if it was a boy.  I just knew! We are so very thrilled, and I already feel more connected with her just knowing the baby is a “she”.  We didn’t actually find out the news at our ultrasound appointment (yes, that was almost impossible to resist!).  Instead, we had the technician put the surprise in an envelope, and we had some fun with a gender reveal photo shoot that evening.  My friends Carson and Melissa were given the envelope and helped set everything up before Melissa took the pictures of us finding out the exciting news! We had a blast, and I’m so glad that we will have these pictures to treasure for years to come.  Thanks so much, Melissa!!

Maternity clothes: YES.  I need to go shopping asap because I am quickly outgrowing everything in my closet.  Still on the hunt for some work clothes to get me through the next few months.

Belly button in or out: In.. barely.

Sleep: Still good.

Best moment this week: Obviously, seeing baby girl and finding out the gender was the best!! Also, spending the long weekend at the beach with our good friends Rhett and Katie.  We had so much fun, and it was nice to just relax for a few days and enjoy the sand and salty air – my happy place!

Miss anything: Not having to use the restroom at least every hour.  It was not a fun car ride home today!

Movement: Still lots of flutters all the time.  At the ultrasound Baby Girl was moving all over the place which was so cool to watch!  I thought that’s what was going on from what I feel every day, but it was neat to see her actually moving about.  She was waving her arms and wiggling all over the place.  The technician asked if I had just has some chocolate since she was going nuts, and I had to confess I had just consumed a (virgin) margarita at work during a Mexican fiesta lunch we had for a coworker.  I guess that sugar really got her going!

Cravings: Cantaloupe!, strawberries, chocolate, jalepenos.

Baby Purchases/Gifts: Rhett and Katie gave us a sweet gift before our beach trip – an adorable elephant “lovie” security blanket, “It’s a Girl” pin with a Georgia “G”, and a sweet book – so thoughtful!

Looking forward to: A short week at work and spending this weekend with my mom and Andy!

Here are some photos from our gender reveal photo shoot – Enjoy!











Baby GIRL Mully!!!


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20 Weeks


How far along: 20 weeks and the size of a banana – about 6.5 inches long and 10.6 ounces.  Can’t believe we are already halfway there!

Gender: Less than a week until we find out and I. Can. Not. Wait.  We have our 20 week appointment Thursday afternoon, so fingers crossed that Baby Mully cooperates during the ultrasound!  Otherwise, I may have to chug some sugary drinks or do some jumping jacks to try and get him/her to flip around for us (or so I’ve heard…).

Maternity clothes: I added some maternity shorts, a dress, and a shirt to the wardrobe this week thanks to a crazy sale at Old Navy.

Belly button in or out: In.

Sleep: Usually great, but it’s starting to get slightly more uncomfortable.  My Snoogle body pillow has really started coming in handy lately – loving that thing!  

Best moment this week: Celebrating my good friend Dave’s engagement at a shower thrown for him last night.  It was so much fun catching up with some old friends and his adorable parents last night.  

Miss anything: Being able to stand on my feet for longer periods of time without getting so tired and feeling like I’ve just run a marathon.  Both the party last night and running errands today wiped me out.  I feel great, but I’m often reminded that I don’t have the energy that I used to.

Movement: Feeling a lot of movement this week.. mainly at night still.  It’s getting much more prominent, but I’m still waiting on that first kick!

Cravings: Fruit, chocolate, and spicy foods.

Baby Purchases/Gifts: My sweet friend Tara and her husband Jarrett gave us this adorable elephant baby hat last night, and I’m in love with it!  It will be so perfect for baby’s first fall and winter.  I also loved Tara’s sweet note that she wrote to us giving us one piece of advice – ignore the advice and follow your instincts.  I miss that girl and wish I saw her more often!


Looking forward to: Finding out the gender this week!!  Also, we are spending Memorial Day weekend at the beach with our good friends Rhett and Katie.  I can’t wait for a fun weekend relaxing in the sun!

Just for fun: Here are some gender predictions according to Old Wives Tales.  These strongly seem to suggest that a GIRL is on the way – which is what I’ve been feeling this whole time.  I would love to hear your predictions before we find out on Thursday!  🙂

1. Heartburn – No – Girl

2. Cravings – Sweet – Girl

3. Heartrate – Above 140 bmp (we’ve been averaging 160) – Girl

4. Chinese Calendar – based on conception date and mother’s birthdate – Girl

5. Mayan Calendar – based on mother’s age at conception and year of conception – Boy

6. Acne – Yes – Girl

7. Moody – Yes (it’s getting worse!) – Girl

8. Clumsy – Yes – Boy

9. Side I sleep on – Right – Girl

10. Morning Sickness – No – Boy

11. Headaches – No – Girl

12. Carrying – High – Girl

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19 Weeks


How far along: 19 weeks and the size of a mango – about 6 inches long and 8.5 ounces.

Gender: I feel like there are now mixed reviews from family and friends, but I’m still feeling girl.  11 more days til we find out!

Maternity clothes: 90 degree temps are here in GA, so I am living in stretchy, breathable dresses as much as possible.  I’m also still loving the maternity jeans and shorts.  I need to add some work appropriate tops to the wardrobe soon, but I haven’t found any I really like.  

Belly button in or out: In.

Sleep: Can’t get enough.  

Best moment this week: Celebrating Mother’s Day with both my mom and and my mother-in-law for the first time ever!  It was so nice having both of our moms together for such a special weekend.  We had a great time, and I can’t believe that this time next year I will be celebrating my first official Mother’s Day with a 7ish month old… crazy!

Miss anything: Not being so clumsy.  I spill something down my shirt almost every day now, and it’s getting a bit ridiculous.  Yesterday I spilled my (insanely good) cookies ‘n cream popsicle on my shirt and walked around all day again without anyone telling me.  I need to start carrying around a spare shirt in my purse.  Ok, you can’t make this up… I just took a break in the middle of this paragraph to help Mike with dinner, and I just spilled a container of feta cheese all over the floor.  It’s getting worse by the minute! 🙂

Movement: Still feeling a lot of movement especially at night and when I eat spicy food.

Cravings: Fruit, chocolate, and I’ve been eating a lot of spicy food this week… hence the dancing baby in my belly!

Baby Purchases/Gifts: We bought our first piece of furniture for the nursery this weekend which I am so excited about!  It’s a dresser that will also be used as a changing table.  It’s absolutely perfect, and I was so happy to find it while out shopping with my mom and MIL.  It was a sweet moment to share with them!  We also got a couple of sweet gifts for Mother’s Day… a red & black pair of booties from my aunt (Go Dawgs!) and a cute canvas painting for the nursery along with two adorable onesies from our brother and sister-in-law.  So sweet!

Looking forward to: A low-key week and then celebrating a good friend’s engagement next weekend!

Happy Mother’s Day to all of the mothers and moms to be out there!!


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18 Weeks


How far along: 18 weeks and the size of a sweet potato – about 5.6 inches long and 6.7 ounces.

Gender: Counting down the days until we find out (18!) – I can’t wait!

Maternity clothes: This week I have worn my first pair of maternity jeans and shorts, and all I have to say is – WHERE have these things been all my life?!?!  Maternity pants are the most comfortable things I’ve ever put on.  They are like heaven.  Please don’t judge me if I continue to wear them long after my pregnancy… because I plan to – especially anytime we go out for Mexican!  😉

Belly button in or out: In but getting very shallow.

Sleep: Like a rock.

Best moment this week: Celebrating another fun couple getting hitched yesterday – Stafford & Boris!  It was such a beautiful wedding, and we had a great time dancing to the amazing band with good friends and glow sticks.  We then wrapped up the night at a surprise birthday party for one of my best friends, Katie.  It was a great night with some of our closest friends and a late one for mama!  I’m proud to say this is the second Saturday night in a row I didn’t get to bed til after 1 am… these nights are very few and far between for me, and I know they are about to become even more uncommon.  🙂

Miss anything: My brain!  I keep hearing that pregnancy brain is a real thing, and I’m finally starting to understand what everyone is talking about.  One day this week I got out of my car with the car still running and walked around to the other side of the garage to walk in the house when Mike stopped me and asked if I forgot something.  I couldn’t believe I did that!  Then today I walked around Costco and Publix with the size sticker still stuck to the front of my shirt – I partially blame Mike for this one since he was with me all afternoon and never noticed.  Haha… I’m officially losing it.

Movement: This baby has definitely been moving and shaking over the past week!  I’ve felt the bubbles almost every day since last weekend, and it always happens late at night when I’m sitting on the couch or in bed.  I can’t wait to feel an actual kick!

Cravings: Fruit, chocolate, and boiled peanuts!  I’ve been wanting hot boiled peanuts for the past three days and have not gotten them yet.  Wish they were easier to get my hands on…

Baby Purchases/Gifts:  n/a

Looking forward to: Seeing lots of family this coming week!  My dad is passing through and spending the night with us Thursday night – the same day that Mike’s mom is also arriving to stay with us through the weekend for Mother’s Day.  We’ll go to dinner with both of them Thursday then on Saturday we will head to Auburn to spend Mother’s Day with both of our moms for the first year ever! Very excited and can’t wait to see everyone!!

I’ll just leave you with one last picture.  Blake has been begging us to have her debut on the blog expressing her excitement over becoming a big sister, so we finally succumbed.  Doesn’t she look thrilled?


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